Saturday, July 25, 2009

6 week pics

So bikini shopping went a little TOO well...I came home with not one, but FIVE new suits! Woot woot! I am also back at cardio and hoping to start some strength training this coming week and get back into P90X the following week. I would write more but it's 32 degrees outside (90ish to my American friends) and I am laying in the yard studying for a mid-term and soaking up some glorious Vitamin D (hopefully not skin cancer too) while my littlest one splashes around in his pool.

Here are the 6 week pics as promised. The last pic is (obviously) a close up of my belly button, it's looking better but I still don't "love" it, it's kinda funny looking, albeit a million times better than what I had before!

edited to add: the marks on my tummy are just from the girdle, I had just taken it off shortly before.


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! I am SOOOOOOOO Jealous. I hope you smile at that because you deserve it!! Honestly I had just a little hate ooze out of me for a second. But I will get over it in about 4 years or so.

    Truly amazing Amanda. I hope I dont see you ever again in the summer until I have pushed this baby out, worked off about 70 pound and have major surgery on every part of my body :)

    That has been the biggest dream for me since I had my first baby at 18. And I mean obsessed about, cried about and still pray about dream. My body has been disfigured and scared since. When all my friends were/are wearing bikinis, I was in the one piece. 1/2 shirts, nope not even when they were in. I can imagine how that felt to buy and wear. ENJOY EVERY SECOND!!!

    xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox's BIATCH!!!

    From your honest friend,


  2. Good for you. I am hitting my 2 week PO tomorrow and I am getting crazy to start working out. I am excited to get my BB stitches out today. My BB seems weird to me too, I think it just takes time.

  3. Thank you for your blog and thank you for posting pictures of it all! I'm 4 weeks out and happy I did it, but wondering if flabby skin and stretch marks were really worth it (duh, of course, but I'd like to stand up at some point).

    But, thank you! I hope you update again.

  4. so glad i found this post. im getting a tummy tuck, boob lift, lipo to basically every area fat can store in 1 week and freaking out about.. your posts kinda make me think its not that bad.. or the morphine just made it seem that way..! :)

  5. I always thought I'd get a tummy tuck when I'm done have kids, but watching you go through the process has definitely made me reconsider that! I didn't realize the recovery was so intense, but duh, it's major abdominal surgery! I guess I just never thought of it. Best of luck with your recovery! I love watching your updates!
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